With all of us having busy lives with no end in sight, we offer some time saving services to help you out. Disclosures are available upon request for all deposit accounts.

Debit Cards or Visa Check Cards

  • Make purchases with your Visa Check card rather than writing checks
  • Use your Debit card or Visa Check card to withdrawal cash from ATM’s

Check Reorder

  • Online check reordering right from our website
  • To learn more about reordering your WhitCo checks, click here

Direct Deposit

  • Available for a wide range of deposits from Social Security, payroll, FSA payments, just to mention a few
  • Completely secure, safe, and a worry free way to receive your deposits
  • Contact your employer or payor for setup

Automatic Payments

  • Have your bills or even loan payments automatically withdrawn
  • Avoid late payments and the fees that go with them
  • Saves you valuable time for the things that matter most
  • Contact your vendor for setup procedures

Night Depository

  • For transactions to be conducted after banking hours, we offer a safe and secure drop box located on the front of the Bank at 111 N Main Street
  • We have dual control so that your deposits are received and processed the next business day
  • For your reassurance, we have multiple part deposit slips, so you can keep a deposit copy for your records.

Safe Deposit box

  • This offers a secure way to protect your most precious belongings
  • Located inside our Bank, we offer 4 different sizes that will meet your needs

Wire Transfers

  • Wire money anywhere in the country for $10
  • Incoming wires are accepted for deposit into your account for $10